Small service of food and generally eaten between meals.


Chocolate Bourbon Brownies Recipe

The chocolate Bourbon brownies recipe is very quick and easy to make. These brownies are extremely delicious, fudgy, and quick brownies make a perfect dessert for every occasion. These brownies are eggless, sugarless, and flourless. Be sure to use high-quality chocolate and pay attention to the percentage of cocoa solids […]



Mutta Palada or Mutta Churul is a simple, easy, quick, and tasty Malabar snack. Mutta Palada can be made using rice flour or maida. Mutta Palada is nothing but a thin pancake filled with Coconut fillings. In some places, it is also called Elanchi, Sweet love letter or “churul appam”. […]



Unniyappam is a popular traditional snack in Kerala. In Malayalam, Unni means small and appam means rice cake. Unniyappm is actually a sweet fritter made up of rice, jaggery, banana, ghee, spice, etc. The banana used for Unniyappam is a local variety called palayankodan. The process of making Unniyappam in […]

Sweet Maida Biscuits with Egg

Sweet Maida Biscuits with Egg / Diamond Biscuits

Sweet Maida biscuits with Egg are also known as Shankarpali recipe / shakarpara / Diamond Biscuits / Kalakala Biscuits. Maida biscuit is an easy, quick, and simple recipe to make. These sweet biscuits are so addictive that you will just keep munching on them like there is no tomorrow. Sweet […]

Sweet Somas / Karchikai / Kajjikayalu / Karanji / Diwali Sweets

Sweet Somas

Sweet Somas/Karanji is a very popular Diwali Sweets, there is so much variety in many parts of India. The filling can be prepared in different varieties. Sweet Somas/Karanji is a deep-fried sweet with crispy outer parts and a sugary sweet mixture inside. Sweet Somas is a traditional sweet prepared for […]

Pazham Nurukku | Nendram Pazham Nurukku | Easy & Healthy Banana Jaggery Sweet

Nendram Pazham Nurukku

Pazham nurukku/ Nendram Pazham nurukku / Banana Jaggery Sweet is a traditional Kerala recipe with semi-ripe plantain(Nendram Pazham). This pazham nurukku is a traditional breakfast recipe in Kerala on Thiruvonam day. This easy snack or dessert can be prepared with ripe bananas and without Coconut. All we have to do […]