NON Veg Recipe

All the non-vegetarian recipes.


Beef Ularthiyathu

Beef Ularthiyathu recipe is a quick, simple, yet delicious way of making Beef Roast. This beef is beautifully and slowly roasted in a Spicy Aromatic Masala with Curry leaves and Coconut pieces (this is optional). This Kerala Beef Fry recipe is very popular in our home and is best served […]


Spicy Chicken Kondattam Recipe

Chicken Kondattam is an Easy & tasty Malabar dish. The chicken is fried in tasty masala and then the fried chicken pieces are coated with spicy, saucy, & tangy gravy! This is a must-try recipe if you are bored with regular chicken fry. There are many styles of preparing this […]

Spicy Chicken Roast Recipe

Spicy Chicken Roast Recipe

Chicken Roast Recipe is a finger-licking a semi-dry chicken curry. The chicken that is marinated with spices & cooked in a well-balanced masala. A great side dish for Indian Breads, Appam, Dosa, and Pathiri. The spicy Chicken roast recipe which I have prepared is with minimal ingredients. The main ingredients […]

Prawns Pickle/Chemmeen achar

Prawns Pickle/Chemmeen achar

Prawns Pickle/Chemmeen achar is a simple delicious pickle. The non-vegetarian pickles are typical of Malayali Christian and Muslim cuisine. Chemmeen in Malayalam refers to Prawns. Always use small prawns for preparing pickles. Prawns Pickle is first fried and then tempered with spices and ingredients. I use coconut oil to fry […]


Mutton Curry Recipe

Mutton curry is a simple, delicious, and spicy dish that will go with almost any meal. Mutton often refers to goat meat or Lamb meat and cooked in numerous delicious ways. This dish is always slow-cooked as a one-pot curry. And I have cooked mutton with spices and later tempered […]


Kanthari Fish Tawa Fry

Kanthari (Birds Eye Chili) fish Tawa fry is a south Indian spicy and delicious fish fry with simple and Hot spices. Kanthari chili is very spicy and always is used in sauces, pickles, and curries. Kanthari fish Tawa fry can be prepared using red chili powder and turmeric powder but […]