Egg Recipe


Mutta Palada or Mutta Churul is a simple, easy, quick, and tasty Malabar snack. Mutta Palada can be made using rice flour or maida. Mutta Palada is nothing but a thin pancake filled with Coconut fillings. In some places, it is also called Elanchi, Sweet love letter or “churul appam”. […]


Caramel Custard Pudding

Caramel Custard Pudding is a simple and delicious dessert recipe. This dessert is easy to prepare and is known as caramel flan. This easy pudding recipe has various names and variations from all around the world. It can be steamed in a pressure cooker or baked in the oven. The […]

Vendakka Egg Fry | Easy and Spicy Vendakka Egg Fry | Okra Egg Fry | Ladies Finger with Egg Fry

Ladies Finger/Okra Egg Fry

Ladies Finger/Okra Egg Fry is an easy, spicy, crispy tasty side dish. When shallow fried LadiesFinger/Okra cooked with spicy masala so it makes the dish tastier. This is an Indian style dish prepared in many different ways with regular spicy powder. Here I have prepared this dish by adding eggs […]

Easy Cabbage Egg Fry | Cabbage Egg Thoran | Cabbage Egg Bhurji/Scrambled egg with cabbage

Kerala style Egg Cabbage Stir fry

Kerala style egg Cabbage / Cabbage scrambled egg stir fry / Muttaikose muttai poriyal / Cabbage egg poriyal / Cabbage Bhurji is a simple, easy and delicious side dish for rice or chapatis. Cabbage and Eggs together make an excellent combination. When you get bored of the usual cabbage stir […]