Month: October 2020

Kerala Laddu

Boondi Laddu Recipe

Kerala style Boondi Laddu is a delicious sweet made from besan/gram flour. It is also called boondi laddu. The name boondi laddu is because the batter is poured through a perforated ladle and will get in the form of droplets while frying. These fried droplets are called boondies. The boondi […]

mysore pak recipe

Soft Mysore Pak Recipe

Easy Soft Ghee Mysore Pak recipe is a South Indian sweet prepared in ghee. It originated in the city of Mysuru, one of the major cities in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is made of generous amounts of ghee, sugar, gram flour/besan. Basically, there are two versions of Mysore […]

Sweet Somas / Karchikai / Kajjikayalu / Karanji / Diwali Sweets

Sweet Somas

Sweet Somas/Karanji is a very popular Diwali Sweets, there is so much variety in many parts of India. The filling can be prepared in different varieties. Sweet Somas/Karanji is a deep-fried sweet with crispy outer parts and a sugary sweet mixture inside. Sweet Somas is a traditional sweet prepared for […]

Cherupayar Parippu Payasam

Cherupayar Parippu Payasam

Cherupayar Parippu Payasam/ Cherupayar Pradhaman is a traditional and authentic dessert. It is usually served after a heavy Sadhya meal. This traditional Kerala dessert I have made is with Split mung dal / Split green gram dal / Cheruparippu, coconut milk, and jaggery. This traditional dessert is served for Onam, […]