Month: September 2020


Pepper Chicken

Kerala Style Pepper Chicken is an easy and spicy recipe that can be prepared with a few basic ingredients. I always use freshly grounded black peppercorns to prepare this pepper chicken. This is a must-try recipe. There are so many versions of preparing pepper chicken. While preparing pepper chicken I […]

Palakkad Style Mulaku Varutha Puli | പാലക്കാടിന്റെ സ്വന്തം മുളക് വറുത്ത പുളി | Nadan curry

Palakkadan Mulaku Varutha Puli

Palakkadan Mulaku Varutha Puli is a very simple, easy, and traditional tangy curry. This recipe is from the region of Palakkad in the state of Kerala. It’s a tasty, easy, and quick recipe that takes only 2 to 3 mins to prepare. It is served with hot piping rice and […]

Pazham Nurukku | Nendram Pazham Nurukku | Easy & Healthy Banana Jaggery Sweet

Nendram Pazham Nurukku

Pazham nurukku/ Nendram Pazham nurukku / Banana Jaggery Sweet is a traditional Kerala recipe with semi-ripe plantain(Nendram Pazham). This pazham nurukku is a traditional breakfast recipe in Kerala on Thiruvonam day. This easy snack or dessert can be prepared with ripe bananas and without Coconut. All we have to do […]


Kappa Puzhukku/Kappa Vevichathu

Kappa Puzhukku/Kappa Vevichathu is a staple food that originates from the state of Kerala in India. In Kerala, Tapioca is known as Kappa/Maracheeni/Kolli and usually prepared in many varieties. Tapioca/ Kappa is consumed as a rice substitute by many people in Kerala. If you think tapioca will give you a […]

Cherupayar Chammanthi | Parippu chammanthi | Kerala style Thani naadan chammanthi | പരിപ്പു ചമ്മന്തി

Cherupayar Chammanthi

Cherupayar/ Mung Dal Chammanthi is a quick, simple, and delicious dry-roasted chutney. Green Gram or Moong (Mung) Bean is known as Cheru Payaru or Cherupayaru in Malayalam, the language of Kerala. Here I have roasted the dry red chilly but you can use smoked dry red chilly. This Chammanthi is […]

Balushahi Recipe | Badusha Recipe | Badusha recipe | Diwali sweet

Badusha Recipe

Balushahi recipe / Badusha sweet or Badhusha sweet is a traditional Indian sweet. This sweet is available in all sweet shops in India. It looks like a small glazed doughnut almost filled in sugar coating. But nothing is equal to homemade sweets. This sweet is usually prepared during festivals and […]